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In view of current health concerns, if you are experiencing respiratory symptoms due to illness, with or without fever, and/or have traveled recently to areas known to have widespread transmission of coronavirus, please call our office to reschedule your appointment. Thank you!

Sudden or progressive vision loss from retinal diseases can have a profound functional and emotional impact on patients and their families.  Treatment requires a delicate balance of expertise, support of a dedicated staff, and a team approach with referring physicians to care for patients and to preserve or restore vision.

The Center for Retinal Diseases and Surgery is committed to a tradition of excellence in providing personalized retinal care in a compassionate setting.  We value the integrity of a candid assessment of a patient’s prognosis, place a premium on patient privacy as mandated by law, and maintain high standards of training, board certification, and ethical conduct expected of physicians and surgeons.  We are privileged to have current technology and employ innovative approaches to diagnose and manage a wide range of medical and surgical retinal diseases.  We apply and customize the most current management guidelines to meet each patient’s unique needs and welcome the opportunity to serve and care for you.

Stephen S. Pappas, Jr., MD, FACS Medical Director and Founder, CRDS

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Office hours: Monday-Thursday: 7am – 4pm Friday: 7am to 3pm

Office hours: Monday-Thursday: 7am – 4pm Friday: 7am to 3pm